A Third International Mountain Bike Competition to be held in Misgav in 2010 on the "Partnership 2000 Trail"

 After creating a successful tradition in which we organized and hosted in the Segev Forest, at the entrance to the "Partnership 2000 Trail" in Misgav, the Israel National Mountain Bike Championship for three consecutive years and during 2008 and 2009  
International Competitions as part of the competition cycle of the International Cycling Union (the UCI), competitions at the highest professional level in Israel today, this year, cycling competitors will start and finish at the entrance of the "Partnership Trail", as part of an idea... to publicize the trail on a national and international level.
The event, aside from it being at the forefront of international competitions in Israel, will serve as an attraction for both foreign and local tourism, brand Israel and the Misgav region as a "must visit" location for cyclists from Israel and the world and serve as an opportunity to expose the target audience to the trail.

Over the past year, some 200 cyclists from Israel in addition to those from Italy, Germany, Holland and Serbia have taken on the trail, and observed by over 1000 fans. All of the competitions were highly successful and received extensive publicity in newspapers, websites and a 30-minute TV show was broadcast on Israel's popular Sports Channel 5 network.
This of course contributed significantly to the pride of local cyclists and exposed the area of mountain cycling in the region as an activity that promotes good health, nature conservation, education and other values.
This year a round of competitions will be held beginning in March that includes those in Ma'alot, Haifa and Misgav. We are expecting to host the competition scheduled for Saturday March 6, 2010. 
The competitions this year are expected to draw a record-breaking participation in light of the fact that the European Mountain Bike Championship is scheduled to be held in Haifa in July 2010. It is probable that cyclists from throughout Europe will utilize the opportunity to accumulate points and prizes while training on what is believed to be the most prestigious competition track in the world (together with the World Championship).

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