P2K Trail Connecting the City of Karmiel and the Misgav Regional Council

is one of the many programs operated by the Jewish Agency for Israel creating strong bonds and relationships between Jewish communities abroad and various regions and communities throughout Israel. The Karmiel-Misgav-Pittsburgh "Partnership 2000" program has been in active existence since 1995. The partnership engages in activities related to the areas of Community Building, Regional Development and Youth.
The City of Karmiel situated in the heart of the Beit Kerem Valley is the urban center of the "Lev Hagalil" region of the Central Lower Galilee. The well-kept modernly designed city with a variety of pleasantly shaded corners and parks offers both visitors and residents varied opportunities for entertainment. The city has made the concepts of quality, excellence, the maintenance of a high standard of living and the environment the cornerstone of its existence and development.
The Misgav Regional Council is composed of 35 residential communities and villages, of which six are Bedouin villages and the remaining 29 are Jewish communities, all of which are populated by a varied, dynamic and innovative population. The region is characterized by a varied community life, a high level of co-existence and pluralism.
The Pittsburgh Jewish Community has a current estimated population of some 45,000 residents. The community's organizational life is led and funded through the United Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh (UJF) and includes an extensive network of synagogues, community centers, schools, a welfare network and services for the elderly.
The "P2K Trail" is one of the projects operated by the Partnership with the objective of strengthening the Karmiel-Misgav region from a touristic and demographic standpoint as well as allowing the Pittsburgh Jewish Community to play an important role in the region's development and advancement.
Access/Exit Points along the Trail
The "Partnership 2000" Trail has a number of access/exit points along the route that allow the visitor to select the trail segment suitable to his/her skills, the composition of their cycling group and the time available for cycling.
Segment 1
  • The Pittsburgh-Baltimore Boardwalk, Katzir Street in Karmiel's Givat Ram neighborhood in the western part of the city.
  • The Baruch Wagner City Park, the Makush neighborhood, near Hohit Street in Karmiel.
  • The Hilazon Riverbed Channel junction on the Karmiel-Misgav Road (Rt. 784 near Shorashim).
·         "Hirbat Rosh Zit" ruins adjacent to the Yabur-Misgav Road (Rt. 805) junction with the entrance to the Arab village of Sha'ab.

Segment 2
  • The Segev Forest – south of Route 805.
  • The Misgav Regional Campus, the junction of Routes 784-805, adjacent to Park Australia-Southern Segev Forest.

Segment 1A: Circling Karmiel

Starting Point: The Pittsburgh-Karmiel Boardwalk, Katzir Street in Karmiel's Givat Ram neighborhood.
Finishing Point: The Baruch Wagner City Park, the Makush neighborhood, near Hohit Street in Karmiel.
Distance: 6 Km. (3.728 miles)
Level of Difficulty: Easy.
Technical Skill Required: None.
Route Description: Park on Katzir Street in the city's Givat Ram neighborhood and begin cycling in a southward direction along the Pittsburgh-Baltimore Boardwalk until the Motta Gur Memorial Bridge. After safely crossing the road, continue to the eastern side of the bridge towards the city's Rabin neighborhood. After about 100 meters (109.36 yards), turn right onto the Circling Karmiel Boardwalk. Cycling along the boardwalk is comfortable and enjoyable, road inclines are minimal in nature and do not require any unique physical fitness. The trail has a series of shaded observation points and playgrounds spread out along the route.
Special Locations: Fascinating observation points the length of the boardwalk in the direction of Hilazon Riverbed, the Lower Galilee and Haifa Bay.
! Safety Guidelines:  Use the crosswalk when crossing the road that passes over the Motta Gur Memorial Bridge. Please note that the route offers bi-directional cycling/hiking; therefore, it is possible that a cyclist/hiker will approach in the opposite direction.
Segment 1B: Hilazon Riverbed Channel
Starting Point: Karmiel, Makush Neigh., Hohit Street, the Baruch Wagner City Park
Finishing Point: The Hilazon Riverbed Channel Junction on the Karmiel-Misgav Road (Rt. 784 near Shorashim) by the olive grove.
Distance: 6.8 Km. (4.225 miles)
Level of Difficulty: Easy.
Technical Skill Required: Easy to Moderate at riverbed crossings.
Route Description: The decline to the riverbed channel is too steep and therefore unsafe to be cycled and can only be covered on foot. Once at the bottom, the channel turns westward. This cycling route takes the rider along a winding, twisting path along the Hilazon Riverbed Channel. There are numerous rest stops along the route all of them enjoying the wonderful shade provided by the plentiful amount of carob and oak trees.
! Safety Guidelines: Due to the steep decline of the road leading down to the riverbed route, access must be accomplished only on foot, do not under any circumstances cycle down to the riverbed! Riverbed crossings are very rocky and unstable. For those cyclists without sufficient technical skills it is recommended to make this crossing on foot.
Segment 1C: Sha'ab Olive Groves

Starting Point: The Hilazon Riverbed Channel Junction on the Karmiel-Misgav Road (Rt. 784 near Shorashism).
Finishing Point:  "Hirbat Rosh Zit" Ruins adjacent to the Yabur-Misgav Road (Rt. 805) junction with the entrance to the Arab village of Sha'ab.
Distance: 9.7 Km (6.03 miles)
Level of Difficulty: For the most part easy, aside from the incline to the "Hirbat Rosh Zit" Ruins.
Technical Skill Required: Easy
Route Description: Cross over the road (Rt. 784) in a safe manner utilizing the underground passageway and continue among the ancient olive groves towards the Arab village of Sha'ab. Upon reaching the first structures of the village cross out notice a lone structure to the right (north) and next to it a trail that leads northward through the olive groves. Upon arriving to the Hilazon Riverbed Channel, turn westward riding on a trail parallel to the channel from the south. Along the route cross out skirt Tel Ya'anin from the west and turn southward onto the clearly marked field trails. At the waypoint, we will cross the avocado groves of Moshav Yodfat until reaching the road entering Sha'ab. At the road crossing situated at the waypoint, please be sure to cross the road safely! At this point, continue along the external side of the fence until the point where you can cross the road into the olive groves. The signs will take you to the "Hirbat Rosh Zit" Ruins, cross out and begin the climb up the slope. End of Segment 1
! Safety Guidelines: when cycling towards Sha'ab please lookout for oncoming cars. When cycling down from Sha'ab boardwalk, take the external side of the fence until the road crossing. Crossing the village's entrance road should be done on foot, in a single file line, and only after verifying that no cars are coming in either direction.
Segment 2 – Segev Forest Scenic Route
Starting Point: The scenic route through the southern portion of the Segev Forest.
Finishing Point: The campus of the Misgav Regional Council adjacent to Park Australia.
Distance: 9.6 Km. (5.97 miles)
Level of Difficulty: Moderate (a hilly route for the most part).
Techical Skill Required: Easy.
Route Description:  Enter the Segev Forest Scenic Route in one of two locations, either at the Sha'ab junction or the parking lot for the Southern Segev Forest (Rt. 805). The trail is a windy incline towards the Misgav campus. It is recommended to stop periodically to enjoy the scenery in the direction of Haifa Bay and the Western Galilee.
! Safety Guidelines: Do not cross Rt. 805. The ride down from Rosh Zit is liable to be somewhat deteriorated during